If you would like to submit an abstract for an oral or poster presentation at ILAS 2020, please click on the button to download the template.

Abstracts will be accepted for:

  • ORAL presentations (applications-based/research/technical) – 15-minute slots. There will also be a limited number of Keynote slots for invited speakers¬† (30-minute slots).
  • POSTER presentations – there will be a dedicated poster session at the end of Day 1.
  • WHAT’S NEW (product-based) presentations. These are a new addition to the programme and are 5-minute presentations on new products relevant to lasers in manufacturing.¬† A maximum of 3 talks will be scheduled at the end of relevant sessions.

Deadline for submissions – 6th December 2019

  • Please confirm whether your abstract is for an ORAL or POSTER or WHAT’S NEW presentation
  • Email it to abstracts@ailu.org.uk
Download Abstract Template